Presentations and Training Sessions

Some of the presentations that we have offered in recent months have covered the following topics:

Avoiding Scams

Discussion about prevalent schemes by which consumers are defrauded and suffer at the hands of identity thieves.

Healthcare Reform

Overview of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and related statutes, such as HIPAA and Medicare regulations.

Hear From a Pharmacist

Presentation given in conjunction with a practicing pharmacist who described his training and knowledge of administration of injectable medications, biologicals and immunizations.

Landlord Tenant Law

Answers to common questions about the rights and obligations of both parties under federal and state statutes, as well as available assistance programs.

Living Wills and End of Life

Discuss documents to assist with the important decisions one faces when they are in an end stage medical condition.

Lottery Addiction

Prevalence of gambling disorder among the general population and senior citizens who may suffer complete loss of quality of life.

Make Your Voice Heard

Presentation given in conjunction with former member of Pennsylvania House of Representatives regarding ways in which citizens can and should involve themselves in the legislative process.

Nursing Home Reform Act

Patient Bill of Rights- Overview of federal and state regulations designed to curtail abuse and neglect of nursing home residents.

Pitfalls in Estate Planning

Discussion of consequences of failure to prepare a will and other documents by which the handling of one’s estate can be planned and controlled.

Reverse Mortgages

Overview of concerns to take into account before entering into an agreement for a reverse mortgage on real estate.

Eyewitness Testimony

Opportunity to observe a factual scenario and see how different observers can view and recall things very differently.

You Be the Jury

Mock trial presentation allowing the audience to hear testimony and reach a verdict.

Estate Planning

Overview of documents, including Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Living Wills, including the purposes of each and the considerations in preparing them.

Power of Attorney Statutory Change 2015

Comparison of the old and the new statutes and what changes are to be included in the POA document as of January 1, 2015.


Discussion of the two plans and what programs are available under each of their umbrellas.

Special Needs Trusts

Discussion of ways in which this document may be used to meet the needs of the individual while staying within the statutory guidelines.

Social Security Disability Income and Social Security Income

Compare and contrast these two types of income, including elements of eligibility and other guidelines.

Nutritional Pointers for Older Adults

Amazing and far reaching benefits of common dietary staples.

Nursing Practice in Public Schools

Overview of pending legislation and how it will impact the function of the school nurse.

Long Term Care Planning

Discussion including Medicaid planning, Caregiver Agreements, Filial Responsibility, and related topics.