Practice Areas and Services

The services that we offer throughout Pennsylvania are diverse due to the variety of areas in which we practice.

With a focus on elder law issues our attorneys are engaged in estate planning (wills, trusts, powers of attorney and living wills) and consequently we engage in related services to assist people with the challenges that they may face when it becomes difficult to remain self sufficient while continuing to live in their own homes. We do provide guardianship services for those that require it as well.

Our attorneys have backgrounds in medical fields and they are affiliated with similarly backgrounded attorneys. This allows them to offer medically based legal services including the handling of personal injury and medical malpractice matters.

Many of our clients require legal services for domestic disputes, real estate transactions and issues that arise in the course of everyday life. The attorneys at Allied represent clients in a variety of legal matters and in addition they are trained and experienced mediators and arbitrators so that they are available to assist with the resolution of legal disputes as well.

To view our team of mediators and arbitrators please visit the website of our wholly owned subsidiary company, Keystone Hearings and Appeals, L.L.C. at